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l'île Maurice
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Moka is one of the most interesting towns of the Central Plateau of Mauritius as it is home to the country's academic centre and the official home of the president. The scenery is dramatic here, too, with waterfalls, valleys and the towering Le Pouce mountain in the background.

Moka - Mauritius

Moka's main attraction, though, is the colonial mansion of Eureka. Almost perfectly preserved from the mid-19th century, it provides a window onto the island's disturbing history of colonization and is a great place to visit for a taste of national history.

Because of the evolution in the nearby areas, the Moka village has gone through a large real estate growth in the past few years. In addition to new neighborhoods, Moka region is now the home to some leading institutions like the Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation and many of the key universities and colleges in Mauritius

Moka’s Brief History

The name of Moka can be traced back to the introduction of a variety of coffee plants originating from the region of Moka in Arabia. The name Moka was derived from the “Moch-a” coffee which was introduced and cultivated by the French as of the first years of their occupation of the Island. The cultivation of coffee in Moka was abandoned in the first half of the 19th century.

The administrative organisation of the District of Moka dates back to 1762. At the beginning of the 19th century, Governor Decaen subdivided Moka into four townships: Les Pailles, Moka, Terre Rouge and Quartier Militaire.

Moka’s Location

Moka is a village in Mauritius located in the Moka District, the western part of the village also lies in the Plaines Wilhems District. Moka is located a few kilometres south of Port-Louis and the drive takes around 15mins. From the International airport, it's about 40kms away and the drive is around 45mins.

Climate in Moka

Moka has a tropical wet climate. Since Mauritius is in the southern hemisphere, February is the warmest month and August is the coolest. Temperatures normally can range from 28 °C (82 °F) in February to 15 °C (59 °F) at night in August. The dry season is in October, the wet season is in February and the temperature is somewhat constant.

Moka - Mauritius

Hotels in Moka

Voilà Hotel Bagatelle

Your ideal hotel accommodation choice in Mauritius for business, leisure & shopping; offering successful travellers an alternative experience. Reflecting the new spirit by which people live today, Voilà Bagatelle offers an affordable yet valued hotel experience in an efficient and relaxed atmosphere typical from this country.

Joubarbe Residence

Set at the foot of a mountain in Moka, Joubarbe Residence invites you and your loved ones for a relaxing stay in a quiet and calm setting. Wake up to stunning views of the green mountain and verdant garden, breathe in the pure air while sipping your hot cup of coffee in utmost privacy.

Hennessy Park Hotel

The 4-star hotel is one of the most innovative hotels in the high-tech business park of Ebène Cybercity, with its light, contemporary design and colourful, artistic feel. Art is Hennessy's hallmark and provides a welcoming, revitalised space with 108 stylishly decorated rooms, world-class conference and meeting facilities, eclectic restaurants, vibey lounge bar and trendy spa and fitness centre.

Moka - Mauritius

Places to visit in Moka

Eureka House

One of the island’s best-loved historic sites and visitor attractions, Eureka House is a stately Creole mansion completed in 1830 and originally owned by French and British aristocrats. Formerly a sugar plantation, a visit to the immaculately preserved house reveals the well-chronicled 19th century colonial past of Mauritius, and its interior rooms brim with period furniture, ebony and mahogany antiques, finely painted chinaware, old ceramics, books and rugs, and photographs of daily life. With its 109 doors and windows and wide wraparound verandah, it’s thought to be one of the largest houses in the country.

Eureka Falls

As the name implies, the Eureka Falls are situated close to the famous colonial mansion, Eureka Mansion and are a short distance from the mansion itself, and a trip down to them, although a slightly challenging path, is well worth the effort for those who are able. At the end of the path, you will actually find four waterfalls, set amongst mango trees and palms and an array of other sublime tropical flora, and in the water itself, you might be able to spot eels, carp or even ‘scampi.

Dodo Quest

Dodo Quest is a unique game quest concept existing on the island. Imagine, you are in a locked room and you need to find a way to escape in 59 minutes. Seems like a video game or horror story movie? But no, at Dodo Quest it’s totally real! There are 5 games available. Each of the 5 games takes place in a separate room, with different themes and/or levels of difficulty.

Things to do in Moka

Hike at Le Pouce Mountain

One of the most popular hikes can be done at Le Pouce, the third-highest mountains on our island. The hike offers one of the most stunning views of the capital: Port Louis, as well as of Moka and the high grounds of Plaines Wilhems.

Shopping at Bagatelle Mall

Bagatelle Mall is the leading shopping and retail destination in Mauritius. Its dominant presence and comprehensive retail and leisure options attract diverse shoppers from all over the island. Bagatelle Mall merges the world's most desirable brands, shopping convenience, entertainment, and everyday leisure, all in a majestic setting.

Bagatelle Mall hosts the widest selection of specialty stores in Mauritius - there are 155 shops - thus offering the most comprehensive and compelling lifestyle shopping experience on the island. The spacious Food Court also gives hungry shoppers plenty of mouth-watering options.

Moka - Mauritius

Restaurants in Moka

L’Escale Creole

Mauritian authentic cuisine and culture in the same place. You will have a magnificent culinary experience to help you discover our Mauritian culture and local food.

Beautifully nestled in a garden, you will taste homemade dishes prepared by this family restaurant. Local dishes like “vindaye poisson”, “rougaille” and chicken curry will be present along with exceptional hospitality and service.


Fancy a good coffee and an amazing breakfast? Head over to MOKA’Z which is located in Helvetia and treat yourself with one of the best foods there! We assure you that once you taste what’s on the menu, you will never forget the flavors.