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Lieu: Nord
Jours Opérant Tous les jours
Durée 7 h
Heure de L'Activité 08:00 - 15:00
Transports Offert en Supplément

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Fan de plongée en apnée? Saisissez votre chance de découvrir les deux meilleurs parcs marins sur l'île : le Parc Marin de Blue Bay et Coin de Mire
Jours Opérant
Tous les jours
7 h
Heure de L'Activité
08:00 - 15:00
Offert en Supplément

Saviez vous?

Fan de plongée en apnée? Saisissez votre chance de découvrir les deux meilleurs parcs marins sur l'île : le Parc Marin de Blue Bay et Coin de Mire

à partir de 520€


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Aperçu & Points Forts

Private Speed Boat Trip-Gabriel Island, Flat Island & Coin de Mire Overview

Enjoy a fun and exciting, full day, private speed boat trip to the beautiful Gabriel Island cruising in high speed and in maximum comfort aboard a beautiful 28 feet speed boat.

As part of this private trip you will experience sailing through the crystal-clear water with breathtaking scenery all around. Relax on the beautiful sandy-white beaches, snorkel inside the lagoons of Gabriel Island, explore the local marine life at one of Mauritius’ best diving/snorkeling sights – the Coin de Mire Island, and enjoy delicious food and bar services. This cruise is all about making sure you have a full day of fun, excitement and discovery of Mauritius and its breathtaking natural beauty, all whilst in the exclusive company of your loved ones.

Highlights of this activity:

  • Enjoy a full day trip to the beautiful Gabriel Island
  • Cruise in high speed and in maximum comfort in the northern lagoon
  • Spend a day relaxing on the beautiful sandy-white beaches
  • Snorkel at one of the best spots of the northern coast
  • BBQ lunch buffet and unlimited drinks
  • Discovery of Mauritius and its breathtaking natural beauty in a fun way

Ce qui est inclus

The Private Speed Boat Trip-Gabriel Island, Flat Island & Coin de Mire includes

  • Private Speed Boat Trip for a full day
  • Cruise in a 28 ft Speed boat
  • Full day trip to Northern Islets
  • Snorkeling break at Coin de Mire Island
  • Non-stop supply of complimentary drinks
  • BBQ lunch buffet

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Détails sur le Transport & le Chauffeur
Capacités des voitures

Vous pouvez choisir parmi une sélection de types de véhicules:

Family Car - Up to 4 passengers
6 Seater vehicle - Up to 6 passengers
Minivan - Up to 10 passengers
À propos des conducteurs

All drivers speak fluent English and French (Upon special request we can organize drivers who speak additional languages). The drivers, citizens of Mauritius, will be happy to provide you with information about Mauritius and each of its sights.

All drivers are very professional, time efficient and friendly. There is high emphasis on being always on time and providing reliable devoted service to customers.

Point de Rencontre & Horaires
Point de rencontre:

Grand Bay - North Region

Heures de début et de fin:
Duration: 7 hrs
Operational Days: All Days
Activity Time: 08:00 - 15:00


Itinéraire de la Journée
  • 08.30 - Departure from Grand-Baie to Gabriel Island and Flat Island
  • 12.00 - Lunch
  • 14.15 - Cruise by Gunner’s Quoin
  • 14.45 - Snorkelling break at the natural Aquarium
  • 15.15 - Afternoon Snack onboard
  • 16.00 - Back to Grand-Baie
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Description Complète

Private Speed Boat Trip to Gabriel Island, Flat Island & Coin de Mire Island

The Private Speed Boat departs at 8:30 from Grand Bay at the North of Mauritius. You and your group will board the vessel so that you can share this experience with only your loved ones. From Grand Bay, you will cruise along the lagoon proceeding all the way to Gabriel Island, a small paradise island, and get the chance to also cruise by Flat Island.

Enjoy the breathtaking scenery along the Mauritius coastline and of the crystal clear water all around, and feel the adrenaline pumps as you fly high speed on the waves with wind in your hair.

On the way, you will be able to admire the scenic beauty of Grand Bay, Pereybere and Cap Malheureux from a different perspective.

Unlike other sailing trips to Gabriel Island which takes about 1:30 – 1:45 hours, the speed boat trip to Gabriel Island takes only about 25-30 minutes, making it an ideal alternative for both those suffering from seasickness and for anyone looking for a fun and exciting cruising experience at high speed.

The island is most famous for its beautiful unspoiled beaches, with crystal clear water surrounding the entire island. This is the ideal place to enjoy sunbathing, swimming or snorkeling.

At around 12:00 you will enjoy a full delicious BBQ lunch buffet. The lunch menu consists of fresh fish, chicken and a selection of salads. If you are a vegetarian, please advise us beforehand, so we can arrange the necessary additions to the lunch.

As part of the cruise you will pass by amazing lagoons of the islets, where swimming and snorkeling are a must. Of course you can choose to stay on the beautiful white sand beaches, enjoy a sun bath or a nice walk on the Island. This amazing paradise island is the perfect setting for a relaxing day of sun worship.

This is no doubt a great place to enjoy a day of relaxation and fun on one of the picture-postcard beaches or enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the sea.

Afterwards, you will head to Coin de Mire Island for you to enjoy snorkeling in one of Mauritius best snorkeling sights. At Coin de Mire you could see hundreds of fish in a variety of colors as well as see the well preserved coral reef. This is a must place to snorkel for anyone looking to discover Mauritius marine life.

Then after, the speed boat will continue cruising at speed back to Grand Bay. Expected arrival time back to Grand Bay is around 16:00.

About the Islets

About Gabriel Island

Known also as Îlot Gabriel, Gabriel Island is located near Round Island and the Flat island, at the extreme north of Mauritius, about 10 kilometers north of Cap Malheureux and 15km north east of Grand Bay.

The distance between Gabriel Island and Flat island is only 750 meters. The size of the island is only 42 hectares, making it much smaller than Flat island, and the highest point is 28 meters.

Gabriel island is a protected natural reserve. The island is most famous for its beautiful unspoiled beaches, with crystal clear water surrounding the entire island. It is a very popular site for snorkelers, where you can discover very rich marine life by snorkeling along the island’s beaches.

Coin de Mire

The Coin de Mire, also called Gunner's Quoin, situated 8 km north of Mauritius, is well known by divers as one of the best diving sites of the north of Mauritius. At an average depth of 6 meters (depth ranges from 3-9 meters), with crystal clear water offering great visibility, the snorkeling conditions are ideal year-round. The island is a nature reserve and as such it is not possible to go on the island. For those who enjoy bird watching, a number of native birds can be seen flying around the Coin de Mire or nesting in the cracks of the cliffs such as the famous Mauritius national bird - the 'pailles en queue. The Coin de Mire highest point is at 142 meters.

Flat Island

Flat Island, known as Île Plate in French, is located near Round Island, at the extreme north of Mauritius, about 11 kilometers north of Cap Malheureux, the Mauritius' mainland's northernmost point. It houses one of the two working lighthouses in Mauritius.

Flat Island (size of 253 hectares, is the largest of the northern islets) is mostly flat, but has a single hill topped by a lighthouse. The vegetation is heavily modified.

Flat Island is a very popular venue for snorkelers, and also offers great dive sites. The island offers beautiful beaches with crystal clear turquoise water.

Ce qu'il faut apporter/porter
  • Hats

  • Tshirts

  • Extra sun block cream for sun protection

  • Camera

  • Swimsuits

  • Spare clothes

  • Snorkeling equipment

Nourriture & Boissons

Private Speed Boat Trip - Food & Beverages

Commentaires et notes
  • A minimum number of 9 participants is required for this Private Speed Boat Trip
  • It is recommended to bring your own snorkelling equipment due to sanitary reasons.

Private Speed Boat Trip-Gabriel Island & Coin de Mire-Promotion!  
1-9 Persons (Including Lunch) 520 Euros


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