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l'île Maurice
La plus grande sélection d'activités de vacances à l'île Maurice ! Excursions, attractions, forfaits d'une journée, location de voitures, mariages, forfaits hôteliers et bien plus encore.
Lieu: Sud-Ouest
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Le Jet Ski est pratiqué à Maurice depuis 2014, alors soyez parmi les premiers à profiter de cette super expérience fun et passionnante et éclatez vous!
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About Le Morne Beach

Let us head to the South West side of the island, at Le Morne beach, for some much needed beach time accompanied with rich history!

Located at the foot of the majestic Le Morne Brabant mountain, which is listed as a World Heritage UNESCO, the public beach of Le Morne is known for the beautiful beach with white coral sand and the clear water providing a beautiful visibility which is ideal for swimming.

What is even better at this beach is that you can get the beautiful Le Morne Brabant as background for your pictures, so make sure to take plenty.

The visibility of the water makes it a great spot for swimming or even scuba diving but Le Morne beach is also particularly famous for its wind conditions which makes it perfect for kite and windsurfing almost all year-round. If you are just a fan of relaxing and watching under the casuarinas on the beach, it is definitely worth the trip for the sight of the surfers and kitesurfers.

There are several renowned resorts and villas located near the beach and you will also have a great variety of restaurants which are not far. Rest assured that the beach is also close to many facilities that are just a couple of minutes away.

Le Morne beach does attract a fair share of visitors during the week as well depending on the surfing condition of the day but it does attract the most of locals during weekends hence we do recommend to go during weekdays instead of weekends to avoid the crowds.


  • Do not forget your sunscreen
  • Be careful to avoid collisions with surfers while swimming

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