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l'île Maurice
La plus grande sélection d'activités de vacances à l'île Maurice ! Excursions, attractions, forfaits d'une journée, location de voitures, mariages, forfaits hôteliers et bien plus encore.
Lieu: du Sud-Est
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Pour les plus aventureux des amateurs de pêche, un voyage de quelques jours de pêche est un véritable must, alors vérifiez nos sorties aux bancs de Soudan et St. Brandon.
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About Mahebourg Waterfront

Head over to the South-East of the island for a little casual walk while surrounded by spectacular views of the azure water!

Located in the traditional Mauritian Village, the new Mahebourg Waterfront is ideal for a relaxing walk as well as a journey back in time taking part in the local Mauritian history! You can also go ahead and explore the naval museum and get the chance to learn more about the epic battle that was fought in this region. There is also the memorial known as Bataille de le Passe that pays homage to the fighters who lost their lives in the battle.

Situated right behind the bus station,you will also have the iconic Sir Gaetan Duval Esplanade. The Mahebourg Waterfront is considered to be an ideal spot for those who are fans of long walks by the sea, enjoying an unforgettable stroll in a beautiful nature setting and remarkable sea views.

It is also where you will be able to learn a great deal about the battle of Grand Port, which has marked our history. Do not miss the sight of the island ‘Mouchoir Rouge’ at the end of the quay, a sight that will truly amaze you!

Located in front of the Mahebourg Waterfront is the local market of Mahebourg . Filled with delicious street food, local goodies and vegetables, you can definitely take a detour to do some much needed shopping! The Mahebourg Waterfront is a famous hangout spot for locals and will attract a lot of locals during the weekend as it is well known for picnics and just some casual relaxation, hence we do recommend going during the week so as to avoid a crowd.

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