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l'île Maurice
La plus grande sélection d'activités de vacances à l'île Maurice ! Excursions, attractions, forfaits d'une journée, location de voitures, mariages, forfaits hôteliers et bien plus encore.
Lieu: du Sud-Est
Jours Opérant Lundi
Durée Flexible
Heure de L'Activité Flexible
Transports Offert en Supplément

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About Mahebourg Market

We all know how Mondays are and how people hate Mondays for so many good reasons, but there are reasons for you to love Mondays and the Mahebourg Market is definitely one of them! Head to Mahebourg and fall in love with Mondays!

The Mahebourg Market which is open only on Mondays is a spectacular sight for those who wish to experience the lively local culture. You will find amazing products here at a great bargain.

The Mahebourg market was initially focusing on silks and textiles, but today you are sure to find a large variety of World of Seashellson offer. The market offers typical market products such as vegetables, fruits for the surrounding locals but also a wide variety of local handicrafts and souvenirs of the paradise island.

One thing we surely advise you not to miss is the food. At the Mahebourg Market, you will have a large selection of food such as Briyani, Dholl Puri (lentils pancakes), Chinese Noodles or the very famous Gato Pima (fritter made with split pea). They make up for a delicious lunch, don’t worry we won’t tattle to your diet!

You can also take your lunch and eat while surrounded by beautiful views at the Mahebourg Waterfront as the market is located just across the street. The market itself will not take long to visit, so we definitely recommend combining both visits in one day.

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