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l'île Maurice
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Lieu: Sud-Ouest
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About Chamarel Waterfalls

Get ready for the breathtaking sight of the Chamarel Waterfall surrounded by lush green scenery!

In the South-West side of the island, you will find the Chamarel Waterfalls, a single drop waterfall which is undoubtedly the tallest one on the island at about 100m high. Be prepared to be captivated by this striking piece of nature.

The waterfall being fed by the distinct streams of the Saint-Denis River, the powerful rush of water promises a spectacular show to elders and little ones alike. The Chamarel Waterfall also attracts enthusiasts of abseiling and swimming who take the opportunity to head down the trail to enjoy a refreshing swim in the cool water.

You can have a great view of the Chamarel Waterfalls from the lower and upper viewpoint of Black River National Park. Or if you are heading to the Seven Coloured Earth Geopark, the viewpoint for the Chamarel Waterfall is also included in the entrance ticket, which is best to pre-book.

The Chamarel Waterfalls remains one of the main tourist attractions across the island and one does not need to wonder why!


  • Sports shoes and mosquito repellent are recommended.

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